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Department of Mining Engineering

Name of Lab Major Equipment Available
Rock Mechanics Universal Testing Machine, Triaxial Cell, Computerized universal testing machine, Photodyaknov test apparatus, Point Load test apparatus, Direct Shear test apparatus, Schimidits hammer, Core Drill Machine, Rock cutting machine, Sample grinding machine
Mine Environment Flame Safety Lamp, Anemometer, Methanometer, Pitot Static Tube ,Automatic Weather Monitoring stations, UV Spectrophotometer, Noise Level Meter, Split2 Real-time Gravimetric dust sampler, Personal Dust Sampler, Hot wire anemometer, Psychrometer, Magnehelic Gauges, Whirling Hygrometer, Temperature Dataloggers
Mine Surveying Theodolite, Tachometer, Levels, Total Station, GPS, Planimeter , Pantagraph, Eidograph,Real Time Dual Frequency DGPS
Computer Laboratory More than 25 Computers with Internet connection supporting different languages like C,C++,JAVA etc.
Mineral Dressing Crushers, Grinding mills, Ore conditions, Wilfty table, Flotation , Thickness vibrating screen
Blasting Engineering Seismograph, VOD mate
Mining Machinery Models of various types of Pumps, Winding equipments, Cage suspension and parts thereof ,Compressor, Drill machines, Drill bits Gate end box and Drill panel