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Department of Mining Engineering
About Mining Engineering

      Welcome to Mining Engineering

Greetings from Department of Mining Engg.

The Department of Mining Engg. was established in the Year 1956 with intake capacity of only 15 students. Due to increasing demand of mining engineers from coal and mineral industry, the intake capacity has now been increased to 77. At present, there are 290 undergraduate students in various semesters and 11 PhD scholars registered in the Department. The Department is equipped with state of the art modern instruments and equipments for conducting various laboratory and research work. The Department has undertaken and successfully completed number of testing and consultancy projects.

Vision of the Department
  • To produce Mining Engineers of high calibre, fully equipped with state-of-the-art Technology, to cope with the challenges of Sustainable Development in Mining and Mineral Industry
  • To be recognized nationally and internationally as one of the leading institutes in research and providers of quality engineers in field of Mining Engineering.

Mission of the Department
  • To be recognized as a premier Mining Engineering Education Centre by all stakeholders in the Mining and Mineral Industry.
  • To impart Quality Education for meeting the needs of Mining Engineering Profession & Society, and achieve excellence through creative Teaching- Learning and Research
  • To inculcate the spirit of Sustainable Development and Conservation of natural resources through the advancement of technology in exploration and production of minerals with due regard to Health, Safety and Environment.
  • To impart quality education and training to undergraduate students in Mining Engineering so as to prepare them for the Mining & other allied industries and higher studies

Programme Educational Objectives
  1. Our students will demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the behaviour of rock materials under varying excavation conditions and its impact on engineering design and mine operations.
  2. Our students will develop engineering ability to manage any type of mining operations at all the levels of management effectively and able to solve engineering problems fundamental to Mining Engineering.
  3. Our students will be able to design excavations pertinent to the safe and economic exploitation of mineral resources by both surface and underground mining methods and possess a fundamental understanding of production sequencing, mine optimization, and equipment selection.
  4. Our students will be able to analyze and evaluate the economics of mining and excavation projects, including economic feasibility, mine valuation, and cash flow analysis, and understand the economic implications towards mine design and operations.
  5. Our students will possess the fundamental skills associated with project management, supervision, and decision-making processes
  6. Our students will gain knowledge and experience in the application of engineering principles to the exploitation of mineral resources and construction of various structures on and within the rock mass.

Programme Outcomes (POs)
    The programme outcomes are the skills and knowledge that a graduate is expected to imbibe during his studies and shall be able to apply professionally in his workplace.
  1. Our graduates will have an ability to apply the basic knowledge of mining engineering to real-life problems besides the use of computational and mathematical knowledge and tools.
  2. Our graduates will be able to understand the problem, frame the formulations, and shall have the ability to conduct experiments through a critical analysis and interpretation of data.
  3. Our graduates will be able to plan and design the mine layouts and mining schemes to evaluate the system performance and productivity.
  4. Our graduates will be able to manage & execute their engineering plans to meet desired goals within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety and sustainability. The graduates will be capable of understanding the impact of an engineering solution in global and societal context.
  5. Our graduates will gain knowledge about the availability and application of state of art tools viz., computer software, modern instrumentation, novel technologies, for their applicability in engineering activities
  6. The graduates will be able to comprehend the productivity, efficiency of mining and allied components, as well as suggest possible solutions in improving the same with reference to economics, safety and optimization
  7. The graduates will be able to understand the professional and ethical responsibility.
  8. The graduates will come to know recognition of need for higher learning, and an ability to engage in life-long learning
  9. The graduates will be able to make effective communication in oral, written, graphical forms with confidence.
  10. Also we expect our graduates to achieve the following
    1. They should demonstrate leadership and initiative to advance professional and organizational goals and obtain substantive results.
    2. They should demonstrate a commitment to teamwork while working with others of diverse cultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds.
    3. They should demonstrate unflinching dedication and engagement in the engineering profession, locally and globally
    4. They should aspire for higher learning and adapt to the constantly changing terms of practice & working environments.
    5. They should excel and improvise their skills under challenging circumstances at their workplaces.
  • Year Of Establishment :
    • Year 1956
  • Intake :
    • Under Graduate Program- B.Tech. ( Mining Engineering ) – 77 Students
  • Degree Offered :
    • Under Graduate Program - B.Tech. ( Mining Engineering )
      Ph D (Mining Engineering)

Expertise available in the Department to take up industry sponsored projects in the following areas:
    • Underground strata monitoring
    • Design of Partial Extraction Method
    • Subsidence Monitoring
    • Slope Stability
    • Dump Stability
    • Ground Vibration
    • Blast Design
    • Fragmentation Analysis
    • Slope Stability
    • Study of performance evaluation
    • Ventilation Planning and Design
    • Reorganisation
    • Network Analysis
    • Fan Design
    • Fan Characteristic Generation
    • Evasee Design
    • UCS
    • Tensile
    • Shear
    • Slake Durability
    • Young’s Modulus
    • Tri-axial Test
    • Remote Sensing and GIS Applications
    • Surface Mine Planning and Design
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Applications
  • Surface Mine Planning and Design

Placement Statistics

2012 Batch
S No. Name of the Companies No. of Students Package (CTC)
1 Adani Mining Pvt. Ltd. 4 3.9
2 Essel Mining 2 3.75
3 NMDC 3 5.34
4 Coal India Limited 24 11
5 HINDALCO 1 4.2
6 Vedanta - BALCO 2 3
7 HeidelbergCement Pvt. Ltd. 1 3.75
Total 37 4.9914

2013 Batch
S No. Name of the Companies No. of Students Package (CTC)
1 ACC Cement 1 5.5
2 Vedanta - HZL 15 5.44
3 Essel Mining (Aditya Birla Group 1 4.7
4 Ambuja Cement Ltd. 1 4.05
5 Lafarge Cement India Pvt. Ltd. 1 4.78
6 Hindalco India Ltd. 2 4.5
7 Adhunik Resources 2 3.75
8 Joy Mining Pvt. Ltd. 2 3.82
9 Coal India Limited 23 11
Total 48 5.29

2014 Batch
S No. Name of the Companies No. of Students Package (CTC)
1 L&T Construction Pvt. Ltd. 1 5.35
2 Heidelberg Cement Pvt. Ltd. 3 5
3 Coal India ltd. 16 11.5
4 Vedanta - Hindustan zinc ltd. 6 5.79
5 Ambuja cement pvt. Ltd. 8 3.75
6 Hindalco India pvt. Ltd. 2 5.5
7 Adani Mining pvt. Ltd. 3 3.5
Total 39 5.77

The above are the Campus Placement figures. Remaining students got selected through offline campus recruitment in various limestone mines and private mining organizations.

Mining Engineering Society

  For overall development of the students, the department is keen in planning and implementation of activities which will provide opportunities to every student for self development. The students undertake these activities under the students body of Mining Engineering Society.
      Apart from academic activities programs like technical quiz, paper presentation competition, project competitions, design and testing competition, software competition are organized at department level and institute level. The students of the institute are actively participating in various co-curricular activities throughout the academic year. Apart from institutional programs students actively participate in various co-curricular programs organized at intercollegiate, interuniversity, state and national level. E- classroom is available for co-curricular like paper presentation, seminars, conferences, quiz and debate, etc. the facilities like overhead projectors, LCD projectors are available for students.