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Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Name of the laboratory Significant equipments and software available
Analog Electronics Lab Agilent DSO1012A (100MHz) Different Trainer kits and instruments for basic analog courses.
Communication Systems Lab Analog and digital communication trainer kits
Computer Lab Exata Cyber/Qualnet,Matlab 2010, Multisim and Ultiboard 11.0
Computer Vision Lab Sony Handycam (Video Hi8, Digital 8),Imaging Evalution kit C64x [A.T.E.M.E.],Webcam basic Multiprocessor Board [Crosscore Development Tools] Network License of Matlab with 18 computers
Digital Electronics Lab Trainer kits and instruments for basic digital electronics and microprocessor courses, TMS320C6711 DSP kits, Scorbot-er 2u robotic arm, Transtech TSP36N multiprocessor board, Daytona software radio, DSO (100 MHz).
DSP & VLSI Design Lab 3 GHz R&S spectrum analyzer,NI USRP (Universal software Radio Peripheral) Mentor Grphics (HDL Author & Precision RTL) Altium Designer & Nanoboard 3000 Agilent Programmable arbitrary function generator (Dual channel, 25 MHz) Agilent 500 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Agilent DSO (60 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz), TI C6713 DSK, Code composer studio, Xilinx ISE, Spartan 3AN kit, Virtex-4 XtremeDSP board, LabView, Benchmark wireless communication trainer
Embedded System Lab (Established in Collaboration with Texas Instruments) Texas Instruments ASLKv2010 Starter kit ASLKv2010 Starter Kit MSP430 Launch Pads MSP5529/5438 Experimenter Boards AM335x Sitara Kits Beagle Board Beagle Bone
Instrumentation Lab Trainer kits and instruments for basic courses, temperature control setup, displacement, strain, load pressure etc. sensors, Data acquisition system
Microwave and OFC Lab Trainer kits and instruments for basic courses, Microwave benches, Antenna trainer kit, Agilent DSO1012A (100MHz), OFC digital communication trainer, Optical power meter, Laser optic kit, OFC networking model, Transmission line analyzer, Radar system trainer, Basic satellite communication trainer.
Electronics Workshop PCB making setup with dark room facility.