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Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
About Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Vision :-

  • To be a national leader in imparting quality education, carrying out research and technology development in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

Mission :

  1. To mould young students into rational thinking engineers.

  2. Transforming young students into engineers who are motivated by a passion for professional excellence.

  3. To produce engineers who are driven by human values and proactively engaged in betterment of society.

Program Educational Objectives :

  1. The graduates of the program will have necessary background in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication engineering to deal with engineering problems & pursue PG/research program to excel as engineering professional in industries and society at large.

  2. The graduates of the program will have ability towards innovation and entrepreneurship that caters to the need of the industries and society at large.

  3. The graduates of the program will have an attitude to apply technical knowledge to solve real life problems and develop the competent work force to carry out consultancy services to the industries and service providers.

  4. The graduates of the program will have the qualities like creativity, leadership, team-work skills, and professional ethics, thus contributing towards the growth and development of the society and to inculcate an attitude towards lifelong learning process.

Programme Outcomes (POs):

  1. Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge of Analog and Digital circuits, Signal Processing and System Engineering, Analog and Digital Communication Systems, Microprocessors and Embedded systems, etc., besides basic sciences, i.e., Applied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for solution of engineering/ technological problems.

  2. Graduates will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve problems related to Electronics and Information/Communication Technology (E & ICT).

  3. Graduates will be able to design and implement electronic systems (both analog and digital) requiring combined design of hardware and software.

  4. Graduates will investigate and analyze complex electronics and communication related process and design solutions in terms of hardware and software.

  5. Graduates will demonstrate ability to fully utilize the modern instruments, software tools for evaluation of existing systems and to improve such systems as per changing requirements.

  6. Graduates will have ability to improve the functioning of E & ICT systems being used in diverse scenarios considering the health and safety of the people.

  7. Graduates will be able to understand the impact of E & ICT project implementation/ commissioning with respect to societal and sustainability aspects.

  8. Graduates will be able to realize their professional responsibilities following the ethical values.

  9. Graduates will be able to demonstrate leadership skills and be able to work in team environment to achieve professional and organizational goals, facilitate growth of others and obtain substantive results.

  10. Graduates are expected to be well articulate to present their professional expertise for problem solving in the field of E & ICT both orally and in written forms.

  11. Graduates will able to manage projects and will have entrepreneurial attitude.

  12. Graduates will demonstrate continuous learning temperament (life-long learning) to tackle the ever evolving requirements of the E & ICT field.

  • Year Of Establishment :
    • Year 1985
  • Intake :
    • Under Graduate Program - 92
  • Degree Offered :
    • Under Graduate Program - B.Tech. ( Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)