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Department of Chemical Engineering
Head of Department
Name Qualification Designation Contact No. / E-mail Specialization / Area of Interest

Mr. A. K. Poonia

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M.Tech Associate Professor Heat Transfer, Petroleum Refining

Name Qualification Designation Contact No. / E-mail Specialization

Dr.(Mrs) A. B. Soni

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B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D Professor Semifluidization

Dr. Bidyut Mazumdar

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M.Tech, Ph.D, M.B.A Associate Professor Waste Water Treatment, Bioprocess Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology

Dr. P.K. Chaudhari

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M.E, Ph.D. Associate Professor Process Design, Reaction Engineering, Waste Water Treatment

Mr. A. K. Poonia

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M.Tech Associate Professor Heat Transfer, Petroleum Refining

Mr. V. K. Singh
M.Tech, M.B.A Assistant Professor Solvent Extraction, Pyrolysis, Environmental Pollution

Dr. Amit Keshav

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M.E, Ph.D Assistant Professor Membranes, Reactive Separation, CFD, Food Science

Dr. Dharm Pal
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M.Tech., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Reactive extraction, Renewable energy, Pyrolysis

Dr. Prabir Ghosh
M. Tech, Ph.D Assistant Professor Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) for removal of persistent organic pollutants, Industrial Waste Water Treatment Methods

Dr. J. AnandKumar
M.E, Ph.D Assistant Professor Advance Separation Process (Adsorption, Membrane & Biological) and Nanocomposites

Dr. R. Manivannan
B. Tech, Ph.D Assistant Professor Microelectronic Fabrication (CMP), Nanotechnology, Electrochemistry

Dr. Chandrakant Thakur
B.E., M.Tech, Ph.D Assistant Professor Environmental Engineering, Industrial Pollution Abatement, Adsorption

Dr (Mrs.) S. Noyel Victoria
M.Tech, Ph.D (IITM) Assistant Professor Electrochemistry, Solar Cell Material, Nanotechnology

Mr. Akhilesh Khapre
B.E., M.Tech Temporary Faculty Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Mixing Process, Turbulence

Ms. Ayoushi Jain
B. Tech(Honors) Assistant faculty Chemical reaction engineering Heat transfer

Ms. Snigdha Saha
B.E. (Chemical), M.Tech (Petroleum Science and Technology -IIT Guwahati) Temporary Faculty Petroleum Science and Technology

Ms. Urvashi Bhivgade
M.Tech(NIT Warangal) Temporary Faculty Microreactor Technology, Reactor Design, Nanoparticle synthesis