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Department of Bio Technology
  • Advertisement for walk in interview on 04/05/2017for the post of Project fellow in the Department of Biotechnologyfor research project titled “Experimental, Mathematical and Kinetic modelling of microbial fuel cell process from the waste water” sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Raipur.

  • Area of Research

    The Biotechnology program at NIT Raipur is running as a leading academic program both from the teaching and research point of view. In addition to theory courses, the program also places strong emphasis on practical training during their curriculum activity. The students undertake a 2-semester research project work to orient themselves towards research in diverse area of Biotechnology. The faculty members have continuously been able to provide guidance on basic as well as applied aspects of Biotechnology research area as given below:
    • Biochemistry & Cell Biology
    • Bioprocess Technology and Metabolic network modeling for bioprocess
    • Biopolymer development and Bioremediation
    • Chemotherapy and Drug Resistance mechanism
    • Computational Biology
    • Environmental Biotechnology
    • Enzyme Technology and Nano-based Biosensor development
    • Genomics and Proteomics
    • Infectious and Metabolic diseases
    • Microbial Technology
    • Molecular parasitology and Host-Pathogen interaction
    “Lipase catalyzed bio diesel production from non edible oils by lipolytic bacteria” Rs. 19,00,000.00/ Ongoing Dr. Lata Upadhyay Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi
    “Chemical and enzymatic modification of NSAID to overcome their side effect” Rs. 2,00,000.00/ Ongoing Dr. Lata Upadhyay Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology
    “Micro extraction analysis of toxicants in environmental and biological samples” Rs. 2,00,000.00/ Ongoing Dr. Lata Upadhyay Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology
    “Enzymatic hydrolysis of rice husk and straw and its conversion into biohydrogen by dark fermentation” Rs. 4,72,000.00/ Ongoing Dr. Pratima Gupta Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology (CG-COST)

    • Study on analysis and estimation of H1N1 influenza DNA for designing an effective vaccine.
    • Characterisation and immobilisation of polygalactorunase produced by A.Niger using ricebran as substrate in solid state fermentation by using carbon and nitrogen sources.
    • Production of alkaline protease by altering the composition and fermentation medium by submerged culture.
    • To study the effect of salt concentration on the production of Alkaline protease by Bacillus Subtulis and immobilisation of whole cell.
    • Microbial fuel cell for waste water treatment and generation of electricity.
    Completed Bidyut Mazumdar
    Enzymology: Isolation production, Partial purification and immobilisation of urease, amylase, lipase, catalase and Cellulase Completed Dr. Lata S.B Upadhyay
    Dr. Pratima Gupta
    Aakansha Wany
    • Production of Ethanol from waste Biomass
    • Lipase mediated transesterification of Vegetable oils for production of methyl esters of biofuel properties.
    • Microbial technology: Isolation of cellulose degrading enzymes from insects and estimation of its cellulolytic activity
    Completed Dr. Pratima Gupta
    • Vaccine designed by web-based tools
    • Study of overexpression of CLASP2 biomarker in pancreatic cancer
    Completed Sheetal Khatri, Archana Prasad
    Plant Biotechnology: Detection of Antimicrobial activity of medicinally important plants Completed Aakansha Wany,
    Food Biotechnology: Analytical application of yeast invertase Completed Dr. Lata S .B Upadhyay
    Preparation of Biocolorants: extraction of anthocynin pigments from flower samples and study of its properties Ongoing Dr. Pratima Gupta
    Microbial exopolysaccharide: isolation and study of metal ion binding properties of exopolysaccharides Ongoing Dr. Pratima Gupta
    Production, Purification and Immobilisation of Amylase, Pectinase from microorganisms Ongoing Sharmishta Banerjee, Aakansha Wany
    Desalination process by use of microbes Ongoing Dr. Lata S. B Upadhyay
    Study of growth kinetics of Escherichia coli Ongoing Dr. Lata S. B Upadhyay
    Biotreatment of waste water by use of enzymes Ongoing Bina Chandrakar, Swati Tikarhia

    The PhD program recently started in basic and applied Biotechnology seeks to create a strong academic research foundation in different areas of Biotechnology such as Enzymology, Enzyme Technology, Microbial Technology, Bioprocess Technology etc.

    Students have numerous opportunities to pursue active research projects and gain experience.

    Student Name Year of enrollment Status Supervisor
    Mr. Piyush Parkhey 2010 Ongoing Dr. Pratima Gupta
    Mr. Nishant Verma 2010 Ongoing Dr. Lata Upadhyay
    Mr. Kush Nayak 2011 Ongoing Dr. Pratima Gupta
    Mr. Nikhil Kumar 2012 Ongoing Dr. Lata Upadhyay
    Mr. Aditya Dutt 2012 Ongoing Dr. Lata Upadhyay
    Mr. Surendra Kr. Phulara 2013 Ongoing Dr. Pratima Gupta
    Ms. Reecha Sahu 2013 Ongoing Dr. Lata Upadhyay
    Ms. Archana Vimal 2013 Ongoing Dr. Awanish Kumar