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Department of Bio Medical

Biomedical Equipment Lab 8 MHz Portable Ultrasound(USG) Machine(A scan and B scan), Ultrasound based CT Scan Trainer Kit, Electrosurgical trainer , Multi-parameter monitoring system(Bedside), Hemo dialyser trainer unit ,EEG and EMG trainer kit
Biomedical Transducer Instrumentation Lab Active and passive components, Transducer and sensors, NI ELVIS Biomedical LAB,NI LabView Hardware platform for Design and Prototyping , Digital Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, pulse oximeter, BP sensor, oxygen sensor, PPG sensor
Anatomy and Physiology Lab Blood Cell Counter, Heart Rate monitor, Blood pressure monitor, Respiration rate monitor, ECG Simulator , Haemo cytometer, Haemo-meter, pH electrode,
Biomedical Signal and Image Processing Lab LabView software , National Instrument High Speed DAQ card, Biopac MP 36 (Four Channel Data Acquisition) system
Bioinformatics Lab Data mining using softwares
Computer Lab NI Multisim software, Matlab 2010, High speed computers
Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab Basic Trainer Kits for Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Basic Trainer Kit for Interfacing Modules of Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Analog and Digital Electronics Lab Basic Trainer Kits for Analog Electronics and Digital Electronics, Trainer kits for Communication Lab