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Department of Applied Geology

Name Features Equipments Pictures
Mineralogy & Ore Microscopy Lab Microscopic analytical facilities for rocks/ minerals/ ores/ gems under refracted & reflected lights. Petrological Microscopes Ore Microscopes Image Analyzing System (CCTV & photographic attachments) Stereographic Microscope Collection of Minerals/ Rocks/ Ores Slides
Geological Museum Hand specimen studies and model observations Collection of rare minerals, ores, crystals, gems, rocks, fuels and fossils.
Remote Sensing & GIS Lab Computational facilities including Digital Image Processing, GIS Analysis and Photogeological Studies Networked Pentium - IVs, Color Ink-Jet & Laser Printers, Scanner, licensed softwares related to Digital Image Processing & GIS analysis, Latest IRS 1C/1D Data on CD-ROMS for Chhattisgarh State, Aerial Photographs for Chhattisgarh and Mirror & Pocket Stereoscopes.
Rock/Ore Cutting & Polishing Lab Preparation of rock/ mineral/ ore thin & polished sections for microscopic analysis Electrically operated Rock/ Mineral cutter, grinder and polisher machines
Field-Geology Lab Training and usage of geological field-survey equipments Full collection of field-survey equipments, compass and GPS with computer compatibility
Hydrogeology Lab Groundwater Exploration and Management studies Resistivity Meters (Signal Stacking, DDR-I, DDR-II & Terrameter), Magnetometer, Seismic Timer and CPT Air Compressor