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National Institute of Technology, Raipur (NIT RR), upgraded in the year 2006, is an Institute of national importance and presently runs academic courses in 12 major disciplines in the form of graduate and post graduate courses. The institute also inducts scholars for PhD courses. In addition to these, the institute intends to provide continuing education in a very broad spectrum keeping in view the needs of industries, academic institutions, research organizations and, last but not the least, the society.


The objectives of Continuing Education Cell (CEC) can be categorically stated, as following:
  1. To help technical professionals in updating their skills and broadening their knowledge base.
  2. To upstream the existing technical qualifications of individuals, thus enabling their personal growth.
  3. To contribute towards the scientific and technological expansion of the nation by organizing seminars, workshops.
  4. To assist the industry, academic and research organizations and individuals to be globally competitive by providing training and expertise in critical areas.
Continuing Education activities:

Open courses:
  1. Short term certificate courses (domain specific, specialized topics).
  2. Short Term Courses, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences.
Apart from this, if CEC identifies areas of practical importance and interests, then the Cell may consult with the concerned area experts and upon receiving their willingness may schedule the course(s). In addition to technology related courses, CEC should also undertake to run courses from humanities and other relevant fields. Overall, the courses should be on topics of interest to the industry, academicians and research scholars and organizations.

Orientated courses:

These should be short term courses scheduled for specific organization or institutes and can be conducted at NIT, Raipur or at the organization site. The course proposals may be called from specific organizations and accordingly they will be tailor-made and conducted to their requirement.


Certificate Courses

SL. No. Course No. Course Name Duration No. of Participants Batch Scheduled From --- to IRG (Rs.) Organizing Department
1 139 Auto CAD-2D & 3D One Month 20 Batch-I 26th May-30th June, 2013 96500.00 Civil Engg. Deptt.
2 140 Auto CAD-2D & 3D One Month 13 Batch-II 26th May-30th June, 2013 62750.00 Civil Engg. Deptt.
3 141 Auto CAD-2D & 3D One Month 9 Batch-I 29th July-2nd Sept. 2013 62500.00 Civil Engg. Deptt.
4 142 Linux System Administration and Shell Programming 40 Hours 24 Batch-I 14th Sept.-24th Oct. 2013 84000.00 Information Technology Deptt.
5 143 Auto CAD-2D & 3D One Month 16 Batch-I 15th Sep-14th Oct. 2014 97500.00 Civil Engg. Dept.
6 144 Auto CAD-2D & 3D One Month 12 Batch-II 23rd Sep-30th Oct. 2014 97500.00 Civil Engg. Deptt.
7 145 M.S. Office One Month 7 Batch-II 24th Sep-30th Oct. 2014 18900.00 Civil Engg. Deptt.
8 146 3D CAD -Solid Modeling & Assly 40 Hours 12 Batch-I 18th Sept, 2014 56500.00 Mech. Engg.Deptt
9 147 3D CAD -Solid Modeling & M/C Drawing 40 Hours 17 Batch-II 22nd June, 2015 68000.00 Mech. Engg.Deptt
10 148 3D CAD -Solid Modeling & M/C Drawing 40 Hours 17 Batch-II 22nd June, 2015 66500.00 Mech. Engg.Deptt
11 149 Auto CAD-2D & 3D One Month 14 Batch-I 23rd June-22nd July 2015 98000.00 Civil Engg. Deptt.
12 150 3D CAD -Solid Modeling & M/C Drawing 40 Hours 17 Batch-II 1st July, 2015 68000.00 Mech. Engg.Deptt
13 151 Auto CAD-2D & 3D One Month 12 Batch-I 11th Aug15-11th Sep 2015 84000.00 Civil Engg. Deptt.
14 152 Advanced 3D CAD Modeling & Simulation 40 Hours 19 Batch-I 7th October, 2015 85500.00 Mech. Engg.Deptt
15 153 Advanced 3D CAD Modeling & Simulation 40 Hours 19 Batch-II 7th October, 2015 85500.00 Mech. Engg.Deptt